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“And, yes, no doubt to others, our ways seem quaint. But today of all days, it is brought home to me: It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.”

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How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back?

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have you ever met someone who is like the human version of period cramps


I think this is the first time something has conveyed to me with true clarity just how bad period cramps are.

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And the walls kept tumbling down,

In the city that we love…

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I want to be spoiled but I also feel extremely guilty when people use money on me

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sansa appreciation week

Day 4: favorite relationship   Sansa and Arya

She remembered a summer’s snow in Winterfell when Arya and Bran had ambushed her as she emerged from the keep one morning… Sansa had chased Arya through the stables and around the kitchen until both of them were breathless. She might even have caught her, but she’d slipped on some ice. Her sister came back to see if she was hurt. When she said she wasn’t, Arya hit her in the face with another snowball, but Sansa grabbed her leg and pulled her down and was rubbing snow in her hair when Jory came along and pulled them apart, laughing.

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Lagertha week
Day 2: Favourite quote
"You couldn’t kill me if you tried for a hundred years."

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